“Residential students’ learning, development and satisfaction is greater than for those who lived off campus”

Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE) Vol 4


Robert Menzies College, a fully catered residential College on the campus at Macquarie University, is in Sydney’s leafy northern suburb of North Ryde. Along with various meal plans and room types, RMC offers accommodation comprising of over 300 fully furnished rooms over six residential blocks. There are rooms with ensuites or shared bathroom facilities or ensuite & private kitchenettes. Robert Menzies College is a non-for-profit Christian college welcoming students from all faiths and cultures.


Living at Robert Menzies College is the experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by friends from all over the world, and, with a fun filled calendar of college events, you will feel at home in no time at all. Students at Robert Menzies College can be assured of a safe and caring environment to live in this alcohol and drug free community.

See further advantages of living in Robert Menzies College on campus at Macquarie University.


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On-Campus Accommodation

Fully Catered

If you choose a fully catered option you are provided with 3 meals a day, all served in the college dining room. If it is your first semester at university, this option is deal as it can help you settle in, make new friends more easily, transition smoothly to a new environment, and give you a great start to your tertiary studies.

Self Catered

In the self-catered option you have access to a shared kitchen or your own private kitchenette to cook your meals. You are allocated one dinner a week in the college dining room which, gives you the opportunity to get to know other students in the Robert Menzies College community. We normally require new under-grad residents to spend at least one semester on fully-catered or semi-catered meal plans, rather than being self-catered.

Semi Catered

If you choose a semi-catered option you have your dinner in the college dining room, Monday to Friday. Dinners are an important time to socialise, get sustenance for your late night studies and to keep you going throughout the week. You take care of your breakfast, lunch and weekend meals in either a private or shared kitchen. This is a fantastic option if you would like to balance work, college and uni.

Choose your package

*rounded to the nearest dollar

Semi Catered

per day
  • Fully furnished room
  • Weekly room vacuuming
  • Weekly linen replacement
  • Free unlimited Internet per month
  • 100% Gym membership reimbursement
Fee Schedule

Self Catered

per day
  • Fully furnished room
  • Weekly room vacuuming
  • Weekly linen replacement
  • Free unlimited Internet per month
  • 100% Gym membership reimbursement
Fee Schedule

Platinum Option

per day
  • Fully furnished room
  • Private bathroom
  • Private kitchenette
  • Weekly room vacuuming
  • Weekly linen replacement
  • Free unlimited Internet per month
  • 100% Gym membership reimbursement
  • Free parking at MQ
Fee Schedule

Student Stories

Bridging your transition from school to uni

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Life at RMC

Academic Support

RMC has a proud record of student academic success. This is in part due to the high quality academic tutoring programs which are a well-established part of the academic year at RMC. Whatever course you are studying at MQ there is most likely an Academic Tutor to assist you at RMC.


RMC offers many opportunities for you to exercise your leadership skills, or, to help you develop them further.

Student Life

This is Uni life at its best – surrounded by friends and supported by a great staff, you can devote all your energy to your studies and your friends. With literally dozens of events organised every year, here are just some of the activities you can look forward to in a typical year at RMC:

  • Harbour Cruise
  • Annual Ball
  • Arts Weeks
  • Intercollege Sports
  • Formal Dinners and much more

Make friends for life and immerse in the full university experience.

Fun Numbers

*only approximation
Number of nations and cultures represented at RMC since 1970
Number of meals prepared in RMC since its first day
RMC has employed students for casual work in 2014-2015
Number of entries in the “I’ve lost my keys, can I borrow the spare?” book
Number of students who have lived at RMC since 1970
Number of events each year

Student Testimonies

Students always come first

  • "I had an absolutely fabulous time at RMC- I have never felt so at home, when in fact I was half a world away from home! When you are at RMC, you are always with wonderful and friendly people who make you feel welcome."

    Joshua Zimmt (USA) Research Student.
  • "RMC is like a second home to me! I never felt lonely during my time there & I really enjoyed meeting new friends from different countries. Therefore I must say International night is what I miss most about RMC."

    Colette Aw (HK) Edu Early childhood
  • I would recommend anyone coming to Macquarie University must at least experience the warmth and hospitality of RMC and experience the affection and service provided by such a wonderful place.

    Ghaffer Kiani (Pakistan)PhD
  • "Living at RMC was the best decision I made. It was such an encouraging and supportive community; I made so many long-lasting friendships with both Australians and students from overseas, and enjoyed learning about other cultures."

    Kirsten Anderson (USA) BA Sociology

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